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Have you already been to Kronshtadt? This small town is located only 300 km far from Saint-Petersburg and its fame resounded since its foundation up to nowadays. Kronshtadt is familiar to everyone more than 300 years. Peter the Great founded this town – fortress - port in 1704 for the protection of Saint-Petersburg against enemies from the Baltic Sea side as during this period the Great Northern War was running. And still the attention of the whole world is gained by this not big town.

Information Cultural Center of Kronshtadt


Information Cultural Center (ICC) was founded on the 20th of March, 2008 as Tourist Information Center for the tourism development in Kronshtadt.


The Center offers free information about the history, monuments and places of interest, Kronshtadt and St.Petersburg tourism infrastructure. Information Cultural Center regularly takes part in specialized exhibitions and fairs: "INTORFEST", "LENTRAVEL", "INWETEX-СIS TRAVEL MARKET", "LESURE WITHOUT BORDERS". At such fairs necessary advertising information activity is being arranged to promote tourist Kronshtadt opportunities for tour operators of St.Petersburg, Leningrad region and other Russian regions, cooperation contracts are being made. ICC invites everybody to participate in the fairs.

Information Cultural Center organizes excursions around Kronshtadt, boat trips to Kronshtadt forts, individual and group excursions.

Information Cultural Centre is located in the beautiful ancient building, Martynova Street, 1/33. Two canons are situated at the entrance, a map of Kronshtadt is behind high windows. Inside free booklets, cards with Kronshtadt views and souvenirs are offered. An aquarium with models of sunken ships on the left is not just a decoration of the office. The History Kronshtadt Museum planes to create a unique Museum of shipwrecks. By this time everybody is welcomed to an exhibition "History of Shipwrecks" at the Museum.
Kronshtadt is attractive for tourists because of its distinguished history, its monuments and architecture, its desolate forts, its ships in the harbour, canons on the bank of the Italian pond, its views...There is much to see in Kronshtadt. And for quick spying out the land ask for help in the new Information Cultural Center. Welcome to Kronshtadt!

Information Cultural Center

Kronshtadt, Martynova srt. 1/33



Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, 
Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm