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Have you already been to Kronshtadt? This small town is located only 300 km far from Saint-Petersburg and its fame resounded since its foundation up to nowadays. Kronshtadt is familiar to everyone more than 300 years. Peter the Great founded this town – fortress - port in 1704 for the protection of Saint-Petersburg against enemies from the Baltic Sea side as during this period the Great Northern War was running. And still the attention of the whole world is gained by this not big town.





Kronshtadt is a fortress town on the island in the Gulf of Finland. It is founded by Peter the Great to defend Saint-Petersburg from the side of the Baltic Sea. 20 small artificial island fortresses were built around Kronshtadt in XVIII, XIX and XX centuries with the same purpose.

Today, Kronshtadt is a district in Saint-Petersburg with the population of 50000 people. It is linked with the city by a loop highway that winds through the complex of flood protection barrier. It takes about one hour by car to get from Kronshtadt to Saint Petersburg center. 

Every year since 2008 an International Ecological Festival of arts «KronFest» is organised in Kronshtadt.

The festival is a cross-disciplinary project that unites arts and ecology. It represents an artistic approach to the questions of environment and gathers creative forces working as part of ecological projects.

On the festival program: creating of art-objects from garbage, exhibitions, plain-airs, performances, workshops and other creative activities connected with ecology. The base of the festival is the Kronshtadt History Museum, and some projects take place on forts.

The festival organizers: the Kronshtadt History Museum and “KronFest” non-profit organization.


Our partners: Committee of Culture
of St. Petersburg, Kronshtadt district Council of St. Petersburg, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Danish Institute of Arts in St. Petersburg, Arts Promotion Centre of Finland and other organizations.





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