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Have you already been to Kronshtadt? This small town is located only 300 km far from Saint-Petersburg and its fame resounded since its foundation up to nowadays. Kronshtadt is familiar to everyone more than 300 years. Peter the Great founded this town – fortress - port in 1704 for the protection of Saint-Petersburg against enemies from the Baltic Sea side as during this period the Great Northern War was running. And still the attention of the whole world is gained by this not big town.


Fort "Konstantin" ............................................+7(812)496-19-58, 8-921-334-40-00 

Kronshtadt, fort Konstantin
Hotel services: Hotel on water «Fort Konstantin»
Total capacity - 60 persons
Cafe "Fort Konstantin"
Organization of banquets, celebrations, feasts (20 - 25 persons)
Summer café (80 persons)
During the navigation period there is a possibility to rent yachts or to place there your small size vessels. You can also take a boat trip with an excursion in water area of the Finnish Gulf.